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工作坊【A】16/9 (Sat) 11.30 am – 1.00pm [Adults – RM 20/pax, Kids – RM10/pax] *自备颜色笔 Please prepare your own colour pencil.
🌸曼陀罗彩绘静心与觉察体验课: 透过不同的形状与色彩,循序渐进开启对自我内在的探索,释放个人心灵感受,沉淀情绪与解压。一趟连结内在自性,接纳与欣赏自己的旅程!
Mandala Art Workshop : Dive into the mesmerizing world of mandalas. Learn the intricate patterns, unleash your inner artist, and create your very own mandala masterpiece. It’s a therapeutic and visually stunning experience.

工作坊【B】 16/9 (Sat) 2pm – 3.30pm [RM 100/pax]
🎨 扎染巴迪工作坊 – 扎染:沉浸在充满生机的色彩和复杂的图案世界中。学习古老的Shibori和Itajime艺术,并创作属于您自己的独特扎染杰作。释放您内心的艺术家,带着一件独一无二的作品离开!
🎨 Shibori & Itajime Technique Batik – Tie & Dye Workshop: Tie & Dye is one of the most famous technic for batik. Learn the ancient art of Shibori and Itajime and create your very own Tie & Dye masterpiece. Unleash your inner artist and walk away with a unique creation!

工作坊【C】 16/9 (Sat) 2pm – 3.30pm [RM 75/pax]
💄 驱蚊润肤霜&润唇膏制作:探索天然护肤的秘密。使用全天然成分制作您自己的豪华护肤霜和唇膏。犒劳一下自己,或为亲友制作体贴的礼物。
💄 Lotion Bar & Lip Balm Making Workshop: Learn the art of concocting mosquito repellent lotion bars that shield you from pesky insects, and delve into the creation of refreshing minty lip balms for lusciously soft lips. Guided by our experienced skincare enthusiasts, this hands-on session promises to empower you with the skills and knowledge to craft skincare solutions that are both gentle on your skin and the environment.

工作坊【D】17/9 (Sun) 10.00 am – 11.30am [RM 25/pax]
🎨陶瓷彩绘: 将普通的陶瓷作品变成色彩斑斓的艺术品
Pottery Painting Workshop: Unleash your creativity on ceramic canvases. Join our pottery painting workshop and turn plain pottery pieces into colorful works of art.

工作坊【E】 17/9 (Sat) 10 am – 11.30am *kids below 12 only [RM 30/pax]
📚 绘本 + 史莱姆制作工作坊:儿童绘本与手工的结合,让小朋友不仅是坐在那边听故事还可以动手制作属于自己的史莱姆。满足他们的心理之余也可以让他们带走属于自己的玩具。
📚 Storytelling + Slime Play Workshop: Calling all young adventurers! Join us for a magical journey through storytelling, where tales come to life. Afterward, dive into the delightful world of slime-making. It’s a day of imagination, creativity, and gooey fun!

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