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Exhibition and Silent Auction of 4 artists
Exhibition and Silent Auction of 4 artists: Shen Ying, Anne Uh, Vincent Phang & Khoo Cheang Jin is on...
PWCS Demo-Demo Series #01 - Lee Eng Beng
Introduction 简介: PWCS plans to run Demo-Demo series once a month, each session inviting a prominent watercolour...
PWCS Dato' Cheam Shaw Lee Young Watercolour Talents Award 2024
Event Details 活动详情 岁数: 16 – 25 岁截止日期: 2024年05月03日(星期三)票价:一位 5令吉 (RM5)规矩: 请参一下考报名表格 Age: 16-25 years-oldSize: 38x56cm...
PWCS Cakap Cakap-Series #19
PWCS Zoom Cakap Cakap Series #19
Event Details 活动详情 活动日期 – 2024年01月31日(星期三)时间:晚上7点30分 至 晚上9点30分 (1小时30分钟)分享频台:Zoom票价:一位 5令吉 (RM5) Event...
Art for Charity Penang Gurdwara Story
Dear friends,Do visit the Exhibition and immerse yourself in the local history of Gurdwara and feel...
Watercolour Workshop @ Red House
Welcome all to join our free workshop!我们期待大家加入我们免费的工作坊! Project A Pace, A Sketch, A Spectrum of Life...
PWCS Zoom Cakap Cakap Series #02
明晚8点槟城水彩画会将通过 Zoom 做个分享会:1) 浮罗交怡国际旅绘2022(邱昌仁分享)2)新加坡国家画廊(荘嘉强分享)。欢迎大家网上入席,免费参与。 此活动欢迎大家参与,不限槟城水彩画会会员。 Penang...
《三城记》三人联展 Tale of 3 Cities 3 Men Art Exhibition
《三城记》是我和两个孩子砚瑜砚怀的联展,欢迎莅临指正,七月卅日星期六下午三点开幕,展览至八月七日结束,开放时间为上午九点至下午五点。 Tale of 3 Cities- an art exhibition...
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