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Tim Teh Ming Yang


Tim Teh aka Teh Ming Yang is a self taught artist from Penang. He was in the corporate and was in the paint industry dealing with protective and heavy duty coatings for the marine and oil and gas sector. Although a late starter, he was somehow destined to be an full time artist as colours have always been close to his heart  throughout his career in the paint industry.

His passion for art has always been submerged till it’s awakening subconciously by the  exploration of charcoal ,pencil  and  brush strokes .Painting water color in school spurred the fascination of this medium but the curiousity of acrylics had him involved  for a couple of years and a switch of late to oil because of the richness of pigments for his creativity.Experimenting with batik canting has also captivated his interest too.

His work was exhibited locally at theThe Art Gallery, Penang State Art Gallery,Penang State Legislative Hall and also abroad in countries like China, Italy,Norway….etc

He was mentored by art maestro  Dato Tay Mo-Leong during his initial art journey and was encouraged to forge ahead absorbing minute advices and turning them to reality in the canvases and jute.

 Being an avid fishing enthusiast projected  a source of inspiration towards seascape.It helped  him understand the pristine beauty of it as living in Penang Island itself is surrounded by  the sea. The lesser encounter  of beautiful sea creatures  underwater and above water like mangroves, sea turtles ,dugongs etc will be disasterous for the coming future . Creating awareness that these would be extinct  and future generation devastated at their loss if mankind’s pollution and oil disasters persist.


Artwork ‘Blue Mosque’ acquired by the Board Of Governers and presented to the Governor Of Penang, Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Dato’ Seri Utama (Dr) Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Haji Abbas inconjunction with his 80th Birthday, Tun Sardon Foundation 40th Anniversary and Merdeka Day.

Selected artist to participate in ARTIKARYA programme endorsed by Yayasan Khasanah, a Foundation of Khazanah National and the Ministry Of Tourism,Arts And Culture.

Selected by Raffles Fine Art Auction and best2bid.

Selected for auction by CIP and Penang Art District.

Blue Mosque

Artwork ‘Blue Mosque’ acquired by the Board of Governors and presented to the Governor of Penang, Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Dato’ Seri Utama (Dr) Haji Abdul Rahman Bin Haji Abbas in conjunction with his 80th birthday, Tun Sardon Foundation 40th Anniversary, and Merdeka Day

Contemporary Art By Asian Artists

Congratulations to Mr Roy Espinosa,the President of Filarts. Inc. Philippines on the publication of the esteem book ‘CONTEMPORARY ART BY ASIAN ARTISTS
I would like to extend special thanks to him as it has been a great honour for my artwork to be featured among the other outstanding Asian Artists!

Painting Endorsed By Sheep Brand Canvas

Group Exhibitions

“Face to Face” Art Exhibition, Art Room, Straits Quay, Penang.
“Aesthetic” Art Exhibition, St Xaviers Institution Hall, Penang.
Affordable Art Exhibition for Charity, Pen Pac Straits Quay, Penang.
Penang Art Society Exhibition, Balai Seni Pulau Pinang.
Penang Chinese Brush Society Art Exhibition, Kwong Wah Press Building, Penang.
Metta Lodge Exhibition, Balik Pulau, Penang.
Balik Pulau annual exhibition at Penang State Art Gallery.

“Hands Across Pacific” Art Exhibition, Ningbo Museum, Zhejiang, China.
China House Exhibition, Beach Street, Penang.
Penang Arts Week Exhibition, St Jo, Gurney Paragon, Penang.
‘Figural”, The Art Gallery, Pulau Tikus, Penang.
Goodwii Charity Art Auction Exhibition, Pen Pac, Straits Quay, Penang.
Balik Pulau Art Society Exhibition, Balai Seni Pulau Pinang.
Mid Autumn Festival Art Exhibition, Pen Pac, Straits Quay, Penang.
Sarawak Fine Art Society 70th Anniversary, Saradise Gallery, Sarawak.

‘Kita Dunia Sejagat 6.0’ Balik Pulau Art Society, Balai Seni Pulau Pinang.
‘Beyond 2020’ Penang Art Society 67th Anniversary, Balai Seni Pulau Pinang.
Online ‘ Stay Hopeful Exhibition’ , Thailand.
Online Trade And Cultural Exchange Art Exhibition, Quiyang, China.
Online International Visual Arts, Leonart International, Quito, South America.
Indoor ‘Pigment’ International Art Exhibition,Mario Antonacci Museum,Lazio, Italy.

2nd Virtual Visual Expression International Art Exhibition, Pagoda Group, Nepal.
‘Tulay’ International Online Exhibition, Daloy Likha Art And Nature Hub, Philippines.
‘Creative Collaboration For Tolerance And Peace’ Online Exhibition, Turkey.
‘Asropa,, Malaysia,Africa” 61 Years Anniversary International Online Exhibition, Korea.
‘Freedom 2011’ Online International Art Exhibition in collaboration with 7 countries, Positive Energy Art Foundation, India.
‘Donna’ International Indoor Art Exhibition, Nagasawa Hall, Rome, Italy.
83rd International Cultural Exchange of Arts, ‘Universal Confrannization’, Expo International
Association, Norway.
Balik Pulau Art Society 11th Annual Anniversary, Balai Seni Pulau Pinang.

‘Open Frame’ Online exhibition by Artscape.My
‘Perbedzaan Yang Kagum’ 12th Annual Group Exhibition of Balik Pulau Art Society at Penang State Gallery.
‘ My Masterpiece’ 69th Anniversary of Penang Art Society at Penang State Gallery
‘Precious’ Group Exhibition by The Art Gallery

Online exhibition 2rd International Virtual Biennial of Visual Arts at Panama University
“A Touch Of Art” exhibition by Balik Pulau Art Society at Penang State Legislative Hall.
“We Are Art Family” by QSpace Gallery at Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur.
“Beyond Contemporary Art Penang “International Art Summit and Expo at St Giles Hotel, Penang.
“Vivid Penang Hill” A collaboration with Penang Art Society inconjunction with Penang Hill Corparation
100th Anniversary at Dewan Undangan Negri Pulau Pinang.
“Timeless Treasures” by Penang Today at Royal Chulan Hotel, Penang.
Online International exhibition by Narda Martinez Pittrice Cultural Association of Italy.

Solo Exhibitions

CONCOCTION 1st Solo Exhibition, The Art Room, Straits Quay, Penang

2nd Solo Exhibition “Tun Sardon Foundation 40th Anniversary Charity Dinner” at Eastin Hotel Penang.


  • Penang Art Society
  • Balik Pulau Art Society
  • Penang Chinese Brush Society
  • Penang Teacher’s Art Circle
  • Club Blu Oltremare International Italy
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