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DUN Exhibition

Dear all members, here are the detail of the Dun exhibition and the google form for registration if interested. Please contact me if you have any question. Thanks and have a nice day .

Exhibition Details

Date : 1-9 April 2023

Location : Dewan Undangan Negeri Pulau Pinang

Terms & Conditions

  1. Measurement (including frame)
    2D width: minimum 30cm, maximum 100cm
    3D width/height : less than 50cm
  2. Submission of artwork is to be sent via digital image, complete with artist’s details and artwork description. Google form link will be published in whatsapp group (email only upon request)
  3. Submission before 22 February 2023.
  4. Selected artwork should be delivered to DUN PP on the dates to be announced by organizer.
  5. The organizer reserve the right to use the image of the artwork submitted and approved for the purpose of promotion and marketing.
  6. Only ONE artwork per member for submission.
  7. The artwork submission is for artwork created in 2020-2023 only.
  8. Administration fee charges for the exhibition is RM100.
    (Payable to Public Bank account: 3820983929 Persatuan Kesenian Balik Pulau Pulau Pinang.)
  9. Commission is 30% from the sales of the artwork to the society.
  10. Artwork submitted after the due date will not be entertained. No refund for any cancellation, withdrawal or disqualified due to late submission.
  11. The committee reserve the right to make any amendment of the terms & conditions without prior notice.
  1. 尺寸(含框)
    平面艺术品宽: 最少30cm,最大100cm
    立体艺术品 2·宽与高在50cm内
  2. 必须用谷歌表格报名。链接会在群组x发布。
  3. 报名截止为2023年2月22日。
  4. 艺术家需在指定的日期将作品送到展厅。如须要帮忙载送服务,主办方可以安排第三方服务,艺 术家负责运输费。
  5. 主办方有权使用参展作品图像作为宣传目的,参展方不得反对。
  6. 每位会员只可以参展一幅作品. 
  7. 参展作品必须是3年内作品 (2020-2023)。
  8. 参展费为马币100元。请汇款大众银行(协会的新户口号码)
    Public Bank account: 3820983929 ,Persatuan Kesenian Balik Pulau Pulau Pinang.
  9. 如参展作品成功售出,协会将抽成30%
  10. 报名截止后,报名链接将会关闭。 届时不会在接受任何报名,敬请留意。报名后如果退展, 报名费也无法退还,敬请原谅。
  11. 主办方有权在无通知下更改以上条例。

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