Arts Penang, Malaysia

Koay Shao Peng 郭绍鹏


Koay Shao Peng is a self-taught art teacher and artist. Although he has no formal art education, he is very passionate about art from young. Due to his keen interest to learn, he read a lot on art, studied art history on his own and experimented with different techniques and skills so much so that he has become a highly respected, award-winning art educator for the last three decades.

Some famous artists such as Alex Leong, DG comic artist Billy Tan, Pheh It Hao and many others were his students during their school time, and some were under his training as art assistants, such as Lee Eng Beng and Simon Tan. In a way, he is an art teacher who was a mentor to artists and art teachers.

Capturing Life Through Art

Most were painted on site as the heritage enclave has become a focal point for international and local tourists since Penang became a Unesco World Heritage Site. I have included my butterfly series, which I have portrayed in a variety of modes with the form of abutterfly as my backdrop. I also included my painting on strawboard, which I hope will capture people’s interest.

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