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Lily Kong


Born, raised and based in Penang, LoveLeeLily is a self-taught artist. In 2017, she rediscovered her passion for art and embarked on her journey in Dot Mandala paintings. Through her paintings, she hopes to impart inspiration and empowerment as a reflection of the purpose that drives her art. In each piece, she goes with the flow, incorporating different techniques to bring out different emotions and resonance. Expressing herself with elements of flux motion and symmetry. She is a member of Penang Art Society since 2018 and participates in their annual art exhibitions. She is a committee member for Balik Pulau Art Society since 2022 and also a committee member of the newly formed Persatuan Seniman Pulau Pinang 2022. LoveLeeLily is active in participating in exhibitions for Penang’s art scene. Including other open group exhibitions, namely; Kecik-Kecik group shows, participating in a few charity art auctions as well. In 2021, she held her first Solo Art Exhibition – ‘Growth’, organised in collaboration with The Open Studio Penang. Currently, all her art works are displayed at Balik Pulau Art and Crafts Incubator in Sungai Rusa, Balik Pulau. In her latest competition submission, she won the consolation prize for the art competition organized by SP Setia – SetiaKarya Penang.


Each dot mandala is a story of wholeness despite being beautifully broken and perfectly imperfect. I hope my work imparts a sense of happiness, empowerment, energy and purpose.

It’s okay to feel depressed or not all right. There will be stages in life when you know it’s time to start a new journey. So just let go and trust the magic of a new beginnings. We’re not meant to stay the same. Change is good and a fundamental to life. Allow yourself to explore deeper. It’s part of the journey and what you go through will help you grow.

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