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Fundamental Course (Basic Art Theory)

Fundamental Course (round 4)
Lessons include figure drawing, form & shape, perspective, colour theory, rules of composition, fast sketch, pencil illustration, yin & yang, etc.
All participant of this course, are free to attend the similar course as revision next round.

课程包括人体比例,形与态,透视,色彩学,构图原则,速写,素描,虚与实, 等。

Those enrol before 21st November, the fees is rm700. Those enrol after 20th November, the fees is rm750. Be early bird if interested.
11月21日前报名者,可获得rm700 的优惠价,11月20日后的报名者将不再获得优惠价,保留rm750原价。有意者,请速报名。

Event Details

Date : Starting from 1st December 2022 to 2nd January 2022

Time : 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm (Every Thursday)

Fee: RM750 per person

Koay Shao Peng | 郭老师

If you are interested in supporting, please WhatsApp Koay Shao Peng.

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