Arts Penang, Malaysia


He is the guiding hands, steady voice and unwavering advocates that foster artistic growth in your students and others that you encounter. I am here to extend my deepest gratitude and admirations to your tireless efforts. Your commitment to art has left an indelible mark, shaping the art future of society in very profound and meaningful ways, cultivating the creative spirit, inspiring resilience that bridge out to other associated fields and leaving a mark on our society through your unwavering dedication to the Arts and Art Consciousness and Sensitivity. Thanks.

He was a teacher, mentor, colleague, and a friend to many who are blessed to have met and known him personally especially those under his tutelage in Saint Xavier’s Institution, Penang. This is his homecoming exhibition. From an art educationist to an artist, he never stopped learning and growing, evolving and transforming; trusting that every step, every touch, and every stroke of brush and colours will always inspire and motivate. To live and to inspire life.
The exhibition will be launched and held at the SXI school hall from 22-24, September 2023.

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