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We are Art Family QSpace | 我们是艺家人

QSpace 创意空间寻找失散了的艺家人, 请看看,是你吗?填表格给我,我会联络你。

Member Benefits 会员福利

  • 作品可以挂放在QSpace艺家人的网页展示和售卖每人只限20张(为期1年)

  • 作品可以参加Q Space 每月举办的线上拍卖场作拍卖, 每人只限限5张(为期1年)

  • 作品 由Q Space艺术市场部推荐给全世界数千位潜在艺术爱好者与收藏家

  • 可以在画展期间,到画廊 办工作坊(WorkShop)

  • 可以参加QSpace杯举办的艺术营(国内与国外). 加入会员成为家人,每年年费RM200

  • Works can be displayed and sold on the Q Space artist family webpage. Each person is limited to 20 tickets (for a period of 1 year)

  • Works can participate in the online auction held by Q Space every month for auction, each person is limited to 5 tickets, (for a period of 1 year)

  • Works are recommended by Q Space Art Marketing Department to thousands of potential Art lovers and collectors

  • During the exhibition period, you can go to the gallery to hold a workshop

  • You can participate in the art camp held by Q Space Cup, (domestic and foreign). To become a member and become a family member, the annual fee is RM200

Koh Teng Huat

If you are interested in supporting, please WhatsApp Koh Teng Huat.

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